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    Kids Taekwondo (ages 3.5-5)

    Allow your child to explore the wonderful world of martial arts with this Taekwondo class! The basic self-defense moves of Taekwondo, such as kicking, punching, striking and blocking, will help children to improve upon their coordination and concentration. As children become more advanced, they will learn the more dynamic techniques of Taekwondo, such as combinations and jumping and spinning kicks. Overall, this class will provide a full mind and body workout for your young athlete, along with a solid foundation in martial arts and physical fitness.
    Kids Taekwondo (ages 3.5-5)

    201 E 34th St, Manhattan

    • Allow your child to explore the world of martial arts with this Taekwondo class
    • Your child will learn the basic kicks, jumps, and spins of Taekwondo in an encouraging setting
    • Children will develop a greater sense of respect, discipline, and patience
    • Watch your child have a great time tuning fine motor skills and learning a healthy lifestyle
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