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    A wise fighter never tries to harm his opponent, he only tries to make sure his opponent can cause no harm. That is exactly what you'll do while learning the martial art of Aikido. Aikido is all about learning to use the opponent's momentum against them. You'll learn to do just that from expert and passionate instructors at Aikido Westchester. You'll improve your coordination, balance, and stamina all while getting an extremely effective workout. Become the wise fighter you know you can be with Aikido of Westchester.

    100 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains

    • Learn to gently defend yourself with the Japanese martial art of Aikido
    • Receive expert advice from passionate instructors
    • Improve your balance, coordination, and stamina while practicing the basic moves of the martial art
    • Leave feeling confident and and recharged
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    With it's pay-per-view status and extensive fan base, MMA seemingly rules the martial arts world right now. But there's another form, a forgotten one from Korea known as Hapkido. Combining strikes, blocks, holds, throws, weapons (what?!), and healing, Hapkido is a form of Korean mixed martial arts. Practical and versatile, this class will help you develop self-defense skills, and a framework for perfect mental, physical, and spiritual integration. Through constant motion and fluidity, you'll learn how to blend with an opponent's force and create a more powerful one of your own. Embrace the uniqueness that is Hapkido!

    475 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn

    • Learn Hapkido, the Korean form of Mixed Martial Arts
    • Combine strikes, blocks, holds, throws, weapons, and healing in this constant flow of physical activity
    • Embrace the mindset of this defensive martial art, one that emphasizes the integration of body, mind and spirit
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