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    Hike and Brewery Tour

    What's a better way to end a long hike than with a pint? This incredible day hike will take you through breathtakingly beautiful trails, followed by a trip to the local brewery. While there, you'll sample a variety of award winning New York State microbrews. Your adventure takes place in the Hudson Valley region on a five-mile trail. As you wind your way to the top of the ridge, intoxicating views will captivate you for miles and will give you a real sense of what truly being out of the city feels like. Come spend the afternoon sipping some cold brews and relaxing from your morning out on the trail!
    Hike and Brewery Tour

    867 Broadway E 18th St, New York

    • Hike through five miles of terrain and then relax with a tour at an award winning microbrewery
    • Enjoy the breathtaking views that are almost as intoxicating as the beverages
    • Relax with a pint in hand and enjoy the feeling of truly being out of the city
    • End the day returning both refreshed and satisfied with your adventure
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    Hike Along the Appalachian Trail

    Member of the hiking Triple Crown, landmark destination for trekkers across the country, and home to some of America's prettiest wildlife. This. Is. The Appalachian Trail. With renown environmentalist, Pete Muroski, you'll first learn in the Native Landscapes Garden Center about the indigenous plants, and the symbiotic relationship between Appalachia's plants, animals, birds, insects, and our planet. Then, you'll get a breath of fresh air as you're taken on a beautiful hike along the trail. You'll discuss such topics as climate change, micro-climates, migrating birds, different soil compositions, and why it is important to you. Whether you're nature obsessed, itching to explore Earth's beauty, or simply searching for a journey, a hike with an environmentalist will satisfy each and every desire. It's time to discover the great outdoors!
    Hike Along the Appalachian Trail

    991 NY-22, Pawling

    • Hike along the scenic Appalachian Trail with a renown and passionate environmentalist
    • Explore and discover the many indigenous plants
    • Discuss pertinent topics such as climate change, micro-climates, migrating birds, and soil compositions
    • Journey and ask questions about the surrounding area
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