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    Foraging for Wild Food Tour - Central Park

    Do you really want to pay an excessive amount for that organic, non-GMO produce from the local health food store? With foraging, the activity of searching for wild food sources, you can cut the middle man out and learn how to draw straight from the source. This foraging expedition will take you through Central Park, which is a haven for native and exotic plants. Expect to find everything from mild-flavored stands of garlic to daylily shoots, chickweed, and garlic mustard greens. During this unique trekk through the park, you'll find and develop the techniques to pinpoint edible food in the outdoors. Swing by for a not-so-ordinary experience that'll make you think twice the next time you hear about something being a "walk in the park." Soon you'll be treating every walk through nature like a chance to find natural plants, greens, and roots!
    Foraging for Wild Food Tour - Central Park

    72nd St & Central Park W, New York

    • Learn about Central Park's natural plants, greens, and roots of the terrain
    • See how to find a variety of versatile herbs and elusive plants and about their unique properties and characteristics
    • Explore the area and see what nature has to offer in the city
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    Hike Along the Appalachian Trail

    Member of the hiking Triple Crown, landmark destination for trekkers across the country, and home to some of America's prettiest wildlife. This. Is. The Appalachian Trail. With renown environmentalist, Pete Muroski, you'll first learn in the Native Landscapes Garden Center about the indigenous plants, and the symbiotic relationship between Appalachia's plants, animals, birds, insects, and our planet. Then, you'll get a breath of fresh air as you're taken on a beautiful hike along the trail. You'll discuss such topics as climate change, micro-climates, migrating birds, different soil compositions, and why it is important to you. Whether you're nature obsessed, itching to explore Earth's beauty, or simply searching for a journey, a hike with an environmentalist will satisfy each and every desire. It's time to discover the great outdoors!
    Hike Along the Appalachian Trail

    991 NY-22, Pawling

    • Hike along the scenic Appalachian Trail with a renown and passionate environmentalist
    • Explore and discover the many indigenous plants
    • Discuss pertinent topics such as climate change, micro-climates, migrating birds, and soil compositions
    • Journey and ask questions about the surrounding area
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