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    Kids Palette-Palate (ages 2-4)

    Art can be created with the simplest of materials, sometimes even household ingredients and with this class, your child will learn how to! While learning the fundamentals of arts and crafts, your child will simultaneously grasp the concepts behind recipes for creating fun and beautiful works of art. This is a fun and engaging opportunity for your child to embark on an educational and creative journey. By interacting and collaborating, and working on (sometimes edible) projects, children will learn the basics to arts and crafts and develop the foundation for a healthy eating lifestyle.
    Kids Palette-Palate (ages 2-4)

    636 Broadway, New York

    • Send your child on a journey through arts, crafts, and edible goodies!
    • Give your child the chance to create fun and beautiful works of art using everyday household ingredients
    • Watch your child produce fun, creative, educational, and sometimes edible, crafts
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