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— Painting / Drawing
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    BYOB Wine Art Sessions

    Looking for some sophistication in your life? Pop the cork on culture with this BYOB painting class! Get colorful in a social studio as you recreate a pre-determined painting, stroke by stroke in tandem with an experienced painter. This is a great way to develop your understanding of color theory, build basic brush techniques, and unleash your creative side! Adding to the appeal, you're encouraged to bring your favorite bottle of wine and snacks to turn this workshop into an all-out painting party! There's nothing quite so intoxicating as culture. And wine.
    BYOB Wine Art Sessions

    2192 Folsom St, San Francisco

    • Create a beautiful piece of art during a laidback, social painting event
    • Work with a professional artist to refine your brush technique and approach
    • Bring your favorite adult beverage (beer or wine) and snacks to enhance the fun
    • Get the creative juices flowing with some liquid inspiration and good conversation
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    Painting Workshop

    Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by the world around you that beauty and joy just seemed to disappear in the fog of daily chaos? Experience an incredible one day painting workshop that will help you reawaken your creative voice while settling inner stresses. All materials will be supplied, so you can dive right in and bring your creation to life without having to worry about bringing the right paintbrush. With both a morning and afternoon session, you'll learn how to use painting to deal with grief and daily challenges as well as how to connect with other through artistic outlets. Enjoy a lunch break midday or simply continue painting if you'd prefer. This workshop is all about what feels right and learning to be present with yourself in the moment.
    Painting Workshop

    300 Chenery St, San Francisco

    • Paint the day away as you connect to your inner artist in a supportive environment
    • Escape the stress of everyday life as you center in on your creativity
    • Enjoy the company of fellow students as you connect throughout the day
    • Reconnect with yourself through the power of painting
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    Painting Class

    Dab, sip, stroke. Repeat, til masterpiece status is reached. At Canvas and Cabernet, you'll combine 2 of life's pleasures: Painting and wine. With the help of an expert instructor, you'll emulate the night's painting of choice, while still putting your own unique spin on your work. As the night progresses, both in terms of your developing technique and the wine you've been consuming, don't be surprised if your painting starts to look pretty good. The next morning though? Who knows.
    Painting Class

    1444 S. Main Street, Walnut Creek

    • Learn to paint by creating a facsimile of a beautiful work, all the while drinking fine wine
    • Let the alcohol loosen up your creative muscles, and see what your art skills look like while uninhibited
    • Take home an artistic masterpiece that bares your distinct style
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    Paint & Sip

    Put on your finest beret, your favorite smock, and prepare your paints and palate -- Or throw on a pair of dirty jeans and just show up. Grab a complimentary glass of wine and follow along with your instructor as you recreate a masterpiece stroke-by-stroke. The reproduction will be of such a high quality you could send it off to the Louvre and they would be like, "Mon Dieu! How did we not notice this was missing!" Ok, probably not -- But this is a great way to get in some creative time, while also picking up some painting fundamentals. By the end of the night you will have created a thing of beauty, a real work of art. Who knows how it will look in the morning . . . Bottoms (and brushes!) up!
    Paint & Sip

    1888 S Norfolk St, San Mateo

    • Paint your very own masterpiece with the help of an experienced instructor
    • Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine to get the creative juices flowing
    • Learn to express your creative side in a fun and relaxed environment
    • Hang with your friends and make something to hang up at your apartment (maybe)
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