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— Painting / Drawing
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    Graffiti Class

    Curious about street art? Fancy yourself the next Banksy? Come explore graffiti and street art in this hands-on class; a time to create, to be free, and to play. Connect with new and like-minded people as you de-stress and discover various visual art forms to create collaborative murals with friends and other artists. This class is great for anyone intrigued by personal expression, visual art, shape, graffiti art, painting, airbrushing, cartoons, comics, color, and abstract forms. Unleash your creativity by experimenting with this fun new art form!
    Graffiti Class

    3305 8th St NE, Washington

    • Come explore the basics of graffiti and street art in this creative hands-on class
    • Connect with new and like-minded people as you de-stress and discover various visual art forms
    • Express your creativity as you develop new skills and create new memories
    • Experience graffiti with friends, family, colleagues and other artists
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    Painting and Wine

    Maybe you're not the master painter working on his or her Mona Lisa. You still can have a great experience painting in a social setting! This class will provide you with a partially sketched canvas and acrylic paint for you to finish and stylize however you'd like. Soda, snacks, and complimentary red or white wine will also be available to help you relax and get the creativity flowing. It's a great way for a beginner to get into painting, or for someone to brush up on his or her skills!
    Painting and Wine

    155 Gibbs St, Rockville

    • Make your own masterpiece with an unfinished canvas you can paint how you'd like
    • Learn the fundamentals of acrylic painting as a beginner or someone brushing up on his or her skills
    • Enjoy complimentary soda, snacks, and wine to help the creative process flourish
    • Socialize in this friendly and familiar setting as you work on your painting
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    Life Drawing

    Do you ever see shapes in the yellow wallpaper of your bedroom? Do they crawl around, begging you to join them? Well, that's weird. We suggest you stop reading Charlotte Perkins Gilman and join the real world. In fact, why not take a figure drawing class -- get some fresh air, make some wall art to cover those dreadful walls of yours, kill two birds with one stone. In this Life Drawing independent figure drawing series by Hillyer Art Space, you'll get the unique opportunity to practice capturing the human form on paper while working from a live model. Whatever your choice of medium may be, this class will improve your drawing techniques as you learn how to properly shade, texturize, and add gesture to your art. When the class is over, you'll get to take home your masterpiece as a symbol of all your hard work and progress! Capturing a figure on paper never seemed so tangible.
    Life Drawing

    9 Hillyer Ct NW, Washington,

    • Learn live figure drawing with expert instruction in a relaxed and creative setting
    • Develop the fundamental drawing techniques of shading, composition, and gesture
    • Complete the course with a unique drawing that is completely your own
    • Bring your favorite drawing and sketching supplies to personalize the experience in whichever medium you choose
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