Let's Get Dirty... But Like, in Real Dirt or Paint

January 8, 2020

You’ve made it!

You shut down your computer, lock up your office, and pump your first in the air before skipping towards that beaming sunlight that has taunted you all week. You shut the prison gates -- er, office doors, rather -- behind you and look up to the sky, breathing in the newfound weekend freedom that rushes upon you, as it fills your lungs and oozes into your pores.

The work week is behind you and you’re looking forward to some alone time with your bae. After a week of being all “hardworking” and “corporate,” that weekend air is twisting thoughts into your dirty mind and sparking wild dreams of activities to come…

Don’t limit those dirty thoughts to just your mind -- turn them into ACTION. But easy, tiger, maybe not in the way you might think.

Below lies your guide to to 5 dirty dates that will have you and your bae nicely covered in a film of outdoorsy soil, colored paint, or other messy ingredients.

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