What to expect
  • Study the fundamentals of Judo, the "gentle way," from experienced instructors
  • Learn skills that include mat safety, hold downs, turning moves, hip throws, and brake falls
  • Practice throwing and grappling techniques that will improve your ability to defend yourself
  • Build your physical strength and mental concentration with this martial art
Judo, meaning "gentle way," is a martial art created in Japan in 1882. The objective is to throw or take down an opponent to the ground and immobilize him or her with a pin, joint lock, or choke.

In this class, you will learn throwing and grappling techniques from the experienced trainers. The skills that will be covered include mat safety, hold downs, turning moves, hip throws and brake falls.

Judo will provide you with self-defense moves that can help you defeat any opponent! The class effortlessly combines the martial arts with combat, so both your mind and body get an intense workout.

Note: This is a free trial class.
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Duration / Session 2 hours
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