What to expect
  • Study karate through kata, or simulated fight
  • Combine different karate maneuvers into a sequence you'll use in the fight simulation
  • Practice your kicks, punches, and blocks to improve your strength and concentration
  • Increase your balance and flexibility as you learn to take on new opponents
If the best way that you learn is through hands-on experience, then this kata class is for you! Kata, meaning "form" in Japanese, refers to a simulated fight in the context of karate.

First you'll learn how to combine different karate maneuvers into a sequence. Then this routine will be used during simulated fights with your opponents.

You will have the chance to practice your kicks, punches and blocks before the fight. The goal is to make the simulated fight as realistic as possible without sacrificing safety.

Your balance and flexibility will improve as you learn to take on new opponents and defeat them.

Note: This is a free trial class.
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Duration / Session 90 min
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