Amish Visit-In-Person Tour

Amish Experience
What to expect
  • Get in touch with Amish culture during an insider's tour of Lancaster's Amish settlement
  • Visit an Amish farm to learn about milking at milking time and a small Amish business to learn about Plain entrepreneurship first-hand
  • Spend time in an Amish home learning about their way of life and values directly from the family
Feeling a little too wired? Get off the grid with a deep dive into Amish country!

This remarkable tour offers an inside look into the world of Lancaster's Amish population, thanks to trips to three different Amish properties.

Your first stop will be a visit to an Amish farm, where you'll check out a barn and watch cows get milked for all they're worth! You'll also learn about how "Amish electricity" is used to keep the milk cold.

Next up, you'll get a look at how the Amish approach entrepreneurship with a trip to a small business featuring handcrafted products.

Finally, you'll head out into the country to get a sense of Amish family life. You'll be invited as a guest into a home, where you'll learn about Amish family values, living without technology, and other facets of the Amish faith during a casual chat.

But seriously, how do they make plans without texting each other upon arrival?

Note: Dinner is not included.
Key Highlights
Price $55.00 per guest
Duration / Session 3 hours
# Sessions 1
Rating 1 positive reviews
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