Home Defense

What to expect
  • Learn how to defend yourself and your family against a threat in your home
  • Discuss creating a family-inclusive defense plan, safe mobility of a firearm within your home, how identify a safe room, and how to properly and effectively handle an in-home threat
  • Put this learning to practice with live fire exercises that incorporate real-world shooting skills
  • Gain practical knowledge that can help you and your family feel safer and more prepared in the event of a threat
What's one of the most practical forms of self-defense? Strong, comprehensive knowledge, especially when it comes to handling firearms.

In this course led by a certified instructor, you'll get a comprehensive and practical look at the smartest and most effective methods for protecting your home and your family against potential in-home threats.

Topics covered will include the creation of a safe room, the safe and smart handling on a firearm in a defensive way, and how to properly handle an in-home threat -- all with a foremost focus on protecting you and your family with a defense plan.

After this instruction, you'll have the chance to practice real-world shooting skills on the shooting range. Take the right first step in self-defense, and arm yourself with knowledge!

Note: Must either be 21 years of age, or have someone of at least 21 years of age accompanying you.
Key Highlights
Price $75.00 per guest
Duration / Session 4 hours
# Sessions 1
There are no refunds; all sales are final.

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