The Lost Dutchman Scenic Tour

What to expect
  • Take a plane tour of Superstition Mountains and the lakes north of Mesa, Arizona
  • As you fly over the mountains, try your luck at finding the entrance to the legendary Lost Dutchman's gold mine
  • Bring your camera and take beautiful aerial photos
  • Be inspired by the open sky and the beautiful view from above
Once upon a time... or actually just in the 19th century... a German immigrant named Jacob Waltz discovered a gold mine in the mountains that are known today as the Superstition Mountains. He kept this find a secret for his entire life until, on his deathbed, he revealed the existence of the gold mine -- but not the location.

Since the spread of this legend, many people have been trying to find the gold mine hidden within the Superstition Mountains. You, too, can try your luck at finding this legendary gold mine as you fly over the Superstition Mountains and the lakes north of Mesa, Arizona.

Make sure to bring your camera for some beautiful aerial photos!
Key Highlights
Price $195.00 per guest
Duration / Session 1 hour
# Sessions 1
There are no refunds: all sales are final.

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