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    Wine Bottling Experience

    You already know how your favorite wine got to your stomach from the bottle….but how about how it got into the bottle in the first place? On this winery tour, you’ll go behind-the-scenes to learn all about the process of creating small-batch wines. As you learn interesting tidbits from an experienced employee, you’ll also have the chance to taste a few signature blends from Vintner’s Circle. Then, once you’ve got a little liquid courage, you’ll get to try your hand at the bottling process! You’ll do everything from sanitizing, to filling and corking, to shrink wrapping, and even to labeling handcrafted bottles of wonderful wine. And, don’t worry -- you’ll be rewarded for all of your hard work with two bottles of the batch you bottled, or any two bottles from the winery that you can take home! Cheers!
    Wine Bottling Experience

    2765 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale

    • Follow the process of small-batch winemaking from vine to bottle to glass
    • Taste delicious samples of Vintner’s Circle wines
    • Enjoy the chance to bottle one signature blend and take home two bottles
    • See your wine in a whole new way, picking up a few interesting facts to drop at your next dinner party
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