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    Beginner's Photography

    We all know that the best superhero ability would be to be able to stop time. Alas, it's impossible (we're mostly certain of this). Photography isn't the same... but it's the closest thing we've got to it. If you're going to do something, do it well. Come down to the Isla Studio and learn the basics of this incredible artform. Not only will you never miss a memory again, your memories will take on an aesthetically pleasing form... no thumbs in front of the lense, in other words. You know, in the early years of photography, philosopher Walter Benjamin criticized the medium as a debasement of art's "aura". What did he know? Photography rules.
    Beginner's Photography

    612 Alabama St, San Francisco

    • Learn the basics of photography in a 3-hour introductory course
    • Go over concepts like exposure, aperture, depth of field, and shutter speed
    • Switch your camera off of automatic mode -- get acquainted with manual
    • Take the first steps in an incredible, artistic journey
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