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— Photography
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    Beginner's Photography

    We all know that the best superhero ability would be to be able to stop time. Alas, it's impossible (we're mostly certain of this). Photography isn't the same... but it's the closest thing we've got to it. If you're going to do something, do it well. Come down to the Isla Studio and learn the basics of this incredible artform. Not only will you never miss a memory again, your memories will take on an aesthetically pleasing form... no thumbs in front of the lense, in other words. You know, in the early years of photography, philosopher Walter Benjamin criticized the medium as a debasement of art's "aura". What did he know? Photography rules.
    Beginner's Photography

    612 Alabama St, San Francisco

    • Learn the basics of photography in a 3-hour introductory course
    • Go over concepts like exposure, aperture, depth of field, and shutter speed
    • Switch your camera off of automatic mode -- get acquainted with manual
    • Take the first steps in an incredible, artistic journey
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    Photography Basics

    Looking for a camera specific training course to learn how to use your Digital SLR camera? You've found it! In this class, you'll go over all of the basic functions of your camera and actually learn how they work, including dials, buttons, features and switches you've probably never even touched before. Finally uncover how lenses work and what the numbers and letters on them mean, and complete a variety of drills with an expert instructor to hone your automatic exposure and focus control skills. You paid for all "those buttons," it's high time to learn how to use 'em!
    Photography Basics

    3478 Buskirk Ave, Pleasant Hill

    • Become better acquainted with your DSLR and all its functions in this photography class
    • Learn to properly use dials, buttons, features and switches you've never even noticed before
    • Uncover the mystery behind how lenses work and what the numbers and letters on them mean
    • With the help of a professional, unlock your photography skills' full potential
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    Photography Workshop Intensive

    Bring your passion for photography into focus in an intensive, supportive workshop. To begin, you'll get a crash course in the technical aspects of photo taking. You will learn about the effects of shutter speed, aperture size, and ISO (the sensitivity of your sensors). From there, move on to taking your own pictures. Your highly trained and experienced instructor will assist you in customizing the content of your photos and bringing your artistic vision to light. Not too much light, though. See: aperture.
    Photography Workshop Intensive

    2711 18th St, San Francisco

    • Jump into an in-depth photography workshop and get the most from your camera
    • Learn the technical aspects of your camera's functions, then shoot, take and manipulate your own photos
    • Vastly improve your skill set and comfort level with photography
    • No experience necessary
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    3 positive reviews
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    Master Your Camera Controls (Downtown San Francisco)

    So your selfie prowess prompted you to go pro and buy a brand new DSLR camera? Who know it would be so full of switches and thingamabobs, right? This hands-on workshop will serve as the perfect introduction to learning your new device, and teach you simple and creative ways to enhance your photos using your digital camera's various functions. You'll get to work with a professional photographer in a small class setting of no more than five students, meaning plenty of personal attention to build your skills and confidence. It's a great stepping stone to more advanced learning, or just a stand alone course that'll allow you to enjoy your investment. Before you know it, working those whatchamacallits will be a snap.
    Master Your Camera Controls (Downtown San Francisco)

    Downtown San Francisco, San Francisco

    • Learn to get the most out of your DSLR camera from a skilled instructor
    • Receive practical knowledge and tips as well as hands on experience with guided exercises
    • Gain a greater understanding of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO as well as how they affect one another
    • Express your artistic side with professional grade photographs
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