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    UNO Deep Dish Cooking & Lunch

    Thin-crust pizza just doesn't cut it; you like your pizza deep, just like you. Learn how to make the perfect deep-dish pizza! Over seventy years ago, UNO Pizzeria & Grill brought its iconic deep-dish pizza to pizza lovers across the country. Now, the restaurant is opening up its kitchen to show you how to perfect its legendary recipe. Your cooking class includes instruction, a pizza lunch with salad, and a beverage. Enjoy your custom creation for lunch and take home the recipe to make it again! Classes are taught by UNO managers with decades of deep-dish knowledge. Learn how to make deep-dish pizzas so deep, you'll never leave the table unsatisfied again.
    UNO Deep Dish Cooking & Lunch

    432 Columbus Ave, New York

    • Learn how to create the perfect deep-dish pizza from the restaurant that invented it
    • Join a cooking class at any of five participating UNO Pizzeria & Grill locations
    • Shape dough in an UNO deep-dish pan, crush tomatoes to create your own sauce, layer your cheese, and add your choice of toppings the way you want them
    • Enjoy an afternoon of fun in the kitchen
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    Best Homemade Pizza

    Whether you like your pizza with a thick or a thin crust, with tons of sauce or no tomato at all, this class will give you a repertoire that includes just about everyone's favorite. You'll start by learning to make doughs for both thick- and thin-crusted pizzas, and while the doughs are rising, prepare various toppings. You'll learn proper baking techniques, and work hands-on to make the following pizzas: Traditional Pizza Margherita (tomatoes, basil and mozzarella); Pizza Bianca (ricotta, mozzarella, Parmigiano Reggiano, and Gorgonzola); Roasted Pepper and Goat Cheese Pizza with Spicy Garlic Oil; Portobello Pizza with Balsamic Vinegar; Pancetta and Cheese Pizza Topped with Arugula and Tomato Salad; Prosciutto and Ricotta Calzone; Southern Italian Home-Style Pizza; Roman Potato Pizza; Sfinciuni (the original Sicilian pizza); Barese Pizza (caramelized onions, anchovies, and olives); and Focaccia.
    Best Homemade Pizza

    225 Liberty St, New York

    • Learn how to make both thin- and thick-crusted pizzas at the Institute of Culinary Education
    • Work hands-on to create pizzas with a variety of tasty toppings
    • Master proper pizza baking techniques
    • No experience necessary
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    Savory Greek Hand Pies

    Get hands-on training on how to make fresh pastries from scratch, from mixing and forming the dough to filling them with an array of scrumptious ingredients. This class will go back to the origins of pie making, ancient Greece, and discover the many pies made now days around the world, making an assortment of vegetarian and non- vegetarian pies using Italian bacon, cheese, tomato, spinach, caramelized onions and herbs to more. Open to everyone from the cooking enthusiast who wants to be a part of every step to the friend who'd rather assist (and taste), this class is fun, welcoming and instructive - not to mention delicious!
    Savory Greek Hand Pies

    1033 6th Ave, New York

    • Learn how to make traditional pies as well as regional variants like Italian calzone
    • Experiment with a wide variety of delicious fillings
    • Open to everyone from the complete amateur to the seasoned expert
    • Relax and enjoy yourself in a hands-on class with a fun, casual feel
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