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    Chess Class (ages 5-15 years)

    Hmm. To move the rook or the knight? Stare into the board. What move will your opponent make? Wait...there it is. "Checkmate." For those unfamiliar, chess is a two-player game that re-enacts medieval warfare. Lined up, blacks against whites, your child will try and capture their opponent's king. Each piece moves in a precise formation to occupy the square of an opposing piece. As your child moves, they'll take turns overtaking pieces with their opponent. It's a battle, but only one can reach checkmate, the victory!
    Chess Class (ages 5-15 years)

    7721 18th Ave, Brooklyn

    • Learn about the board, pieces, and purpose of the game
    • Practice chess strategies and tactics to protect your pieces
    • Apply chess strategies to actual matches to capture your opponent's pieces
    • Enjoy the social atmosphere
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