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    Peep Toe Pole Dance

    Is Richard Simmons' Sweatin to the Oldies not giving you the fun workout you were hoping for? Throw that old VHS away. Peep Toe Pole Dance is an intro pole dancing class that's so much fun you won't even realize you're burning the calories off at a record pace. You'll never experience a sexier, more empowering, and addicting workout. Peep-Toe Pole Dance is designed to introduce you to the art of pole dancing! You'll learn basic spins, sexy choreography, and floor moves. All you need is a positive attitude and a desire for a good time! Step aside, Richard Simmons -- there's a new workout in town.
    Peep Toe Pole Dance

    1843 W Chicago Ave , ​Chicago

    • Learn the basics of Pole Dancing in a fun and supportive environment
    • Practice on the pole as you learn spins, choreography, and floor moves
    • Enjoy encouragement from your friendly instructor
    • Dance in sexy, tantalizing ways, while getting a great workout
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    Beginners Pole Dancing

    This isn't your grandma's dance class. Pole dance has seen increased popularity in recent years for both its health benefits and its ability to reinforce a confident self-image. During this class you'll learn the fundamentals in an upbeat, supportive environment that encourages you to openly explore your provocative side. You'll be dancing to heart-pounding beats, mastering pole tricks and postures designed to emphasize your natural beauty, as well as complimentary floor struts. This class offers a tantalizing glimpse into the academy's longer, multi-class program, so you can evaluate for yourself whether pole dance is something you'd like to explore further. You've got nothing to lose in giving it a spin. Except for maybe a few inhibitions.
    Beginners Pole Dancing

    1550 W. Carroll Ave, Chicago

    • Explore the provocative world of the pole during an introductory session for those new to the style
    • Dance to invigorating music while learning basic pole moves designed to show off your sexy side
    • Enjoy a cardio workout that will develop your motor coordination, flexibility, and core strength
    • Tap into your sexy side with a dance style that will improve your confidence and body image
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