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    Intro to Pole Dancing

    Behind that timid demeanor lies a seductive temptress waiting to come out! This is the perfect entry level class to get you more comfortable with your sensual side. You will learn fundamental moves such as various walks, turns, and spins from a knowledgeable instructor. They'll challenge you to progress while keeping it fun and attainable. You will gain strength and increase flexibility as you build up to more difficult spins and combos. Don't be shy; this is a fun and welcoming environment for women of all fitness levels, ages, and backgrounds. You're a sassy siren, you just don't know it yet.
    Intro to Pole Dancing

    11135 Weddington St, North Hollywood

    • Learn the fundamentals of pole dancing in a welcoming environment from a skilled instructor
    • Practice basic steps, walks, turns, and spins to put together in sultry combinations
    • Gain strength, increase flexibility, and tone your entire body
    • Increase your confidence on and off the pole while having a fun time during a unique workout
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    Beginner Pole Aerobics

    In case you haven't heard, pole dancing is officially in. This is a great class for those who are looking to see what pole dancing is all about. Following a 20 minute warm-up, you'll learn 1-3 classic pole tricks including beginner spins, inverts, and climbs. To compliment these maneuvers, you'll also learn the sensual poses and sexy struts that make pole one of the most provocative styles of dance in the world. Over the course of this class, you'll be building flexibility, strength, and stamina. You'll be working out in a fun, supportive environment where you'll be able to freely explore your sensual side, developing self-confidence and empowerment in the process. Its never too late to turn yourself around (in circles, because you'll be spinning really fast).
    Beginner Pole Aerobics

    22221 Avalon Blvd, Carson

    • Learn classic pole dancing technique, including struts and floor moves
    • Discover why pole dancing has become a trendy and effective exercise routine
    • Dance your way to a fit, sculpted body
    • Build self-confidence as you discover your sensual side
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