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— Pole Dance
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    Stripper Strength: Booty Twerk, Jiggle n' Pop

    Ever wonder how strippers manage to stay so fit? Add new depth to your striptease skills while pushing your endurance for a great workout in this twerk class! While conditioning your most important assets for a good tease, you will also be keeping your body in strong and healthy physical shape. Combine belly dance, salsa, reggae, hip-hop, and samba to strengthen and tone your legs and thighs. See your confidence reach new heights and use your new-found fitness to explore striptease techniques you never knew you were capable of. Be prepared to impress everyone, including yourself, with just how good you feel and look.
    Stripper Strength: Booty Twerk, Jiggle n' Pop

    520 8th Ave, New York

    • Learn how to twerk-enough said
    • Condition your ability and dexterity for creative striptease techniques
    • Stay at your peak physical fitness
    • Express yourself in sensual, jaw-dropping dance moves
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    12 positive reviews
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    Pole Fitness

    Want to be the perfect combination of cute and sexy? We're not talking about playing "tag" with the cute jogger. Pole dancing provides a unique, high-intensity workout set to strengthen your core, improve flexibility, and perfect those feminine movements -- you know the ones. In this Pole Fitness class, you'll learn the fundamentals behind pole dancing, such as conditioning exercises and strength training (you're going to get toned!), before taking to the pole and operating turns, tricks, and spins destined to impress anyone including yourself! Set a new bar for yourself... and dance on it.
    Pole Fitness

    214-26 41st Ave, Bayside

    • Take to the pole and learn basic pole dancing techniques: turns, tricks, and spins
    • Focus on core strength and feminine movements
    • Experience a fun and flirty exercise
    • No experience necessary
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    11 positive reviews
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    Pole Dancing

    Arching your back around the pole, you begin the work. Strut your body sexually, and use your flexibility as you wrap your leg around the pole. This class combines the strength and endurance of gymnastics with the sensuality of belly dance. During the 60 minutes, you'll join an effervescent workout combining stretching, strengthening, abdominal and cardio movements that firm, sculpt, and tone your entire body. You will learn how to work the pole, while practicing graceful swirling tricks. From there, it's time for a sophisticated, sensual dance using licentious movements to tease and titillate any viewer. Bow-chicka-bow-wow...
    Pole Dancing

    32-43 Francis Lewis Blvd, Flushing

    • Learn the fundamentals of pole dancing such as three spins around the pole, and sensual dances designed for different athletic abilities
    • Join an effervescent workout with stretching, strengthening, abdominal, and cardio movements that firm, sculpt, and tone your entire body
    • No experience necessary
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    7 positive reviews

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