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    Beginning Pole Tricks

    Don’t even know where to start when it comes to pole workouts? Think you’ll just look clumsy climbing and spinning without instruction? This beginner’s class at Fun Pole Fitness is just for you! No choreography here -- just fun, challenging poses and tricks! You will learn how to build up the strength you need for climbing and holding poses! You will learn the thigh hold, pulling up to a pole sit, the "Big Hello," and inverting with your back on the floor. This workout is a great core workout and will build your upper body strength. This class had some serious poling power, and with good reason!
    Beginning Pole Tricks

    2828 University Ave, San Diego

    • Introduce yourself to pole workouts with body-strengthening poses and tricks
    • Exercise your entire body with a strenght workout that uses resistance training
    • Improve flexibility and give yourself a confidence boost
    • Give Justin a run for his money and bring sexy back
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