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    Intro Pole Dancing

    The polls are in ... And "poles" are in! Vertical poles aren't just turning bodies, they're turning heads as the fitness community wakes up to benefits of pole-dance fitness. This introductory class is your chance to give it a spin and find out what all the fuss is about! You'll get a taste of numerous classes offered by F.I.T. 4 Pole, from flexibility training, to cardio work, to super sexy choreography! You'll discover a supportive environment that isn't just about fitness, but about building confidence and exploring your sexy side as well! Best of all, this newcomers class is FREE! So, care to get in "swing" of things?
    Intro Pole Dancing

    2304A Huntington Ave, Alexandria

    • Discover the joys of pole-dance fitness during a free intro class
    • Work on the basic choreography and technique to find out what pole dance is about
    • Get a great workout that will tone your body, and enhance your motor control
    • Build confidence in a social and supportive dance environment
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    Beginner Pole

    You've heard of the Bend and Snap! but how about the Dip and Fold? This move, actually named the "Dip and Fold," is among the many fun and fundamental skills you'll master in this beginners pole dancing class -- along with floor moves, basic spins, footwork, and more! You'll also learn how to incorporate these moves into a fluid routine, all the while tightening and toning your body with each new skill. Strength building and technique training has never felt so sexy. So if you're new to the pole, check your inhibitions at the door and get ready to spin into shape.
    Beginner Pole

    4556 Beech Rd, Temple Hills

    • Start your pole dancing education with introductory pole, dance and floor moves
    • Learn the basic techniques of pole dancing to incorporate into your dance and fitness routine
    • Tighten and tone your body as you build strength with each new move
    • No experience necessary
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