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    Murder Mystery Show (Mazza's Supperclub)

    It's 1929 and you're hanging back at The Shanghai Club, a crowded speakeasy rife with illegal booze and inspiring jazz music. With a decidedly strong drink in hand, you're making rounds, stirring up pleasant small talk, until... MURDER!! Detective Eddie May storms into the scene, exclaiming that a murder has just taken place! Who do YOU think did it? Seeing as you were mingling at the scene of the crime, it is now YOUR job to act as a member of the jury! You'll discuss everything you saw, heard, and found earlier in the night. At the end of the night, you'll cast a ballot to guess the murderer. Bonus: You'll win cool prizes if you guess correctly!
    Murder Mystery Show (Mazza's Supperclub)

    3728 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland

    • Join the crowd at a 1920s speakeasy for a round of drinks and mingling
    • Solve a murder that suddenly takes place amidst prohibition-era excitement
    • Cast your ballot and win cool prizes if you guess the murderer correctly
    • Enjoy an evening of jazz, food, "illegal" booze, and, of course, mystery
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    Mississippi Avenue Food Tour

    Portland's North Mississippi Avenue is a hotbed of trendy eateries that serve up some of the city's most delicious food and drinks. The area is also home to quirky boutiques, local brewing companies and other independent businesses that make it one of Portland's most popular destinations. You'll discover it all as you explore the artsy, historical neighborhood with a local guide, stopping at brick-and-mortar restaurants such as Mee Sen Thai Eatery and popular food trucks like Koi Fusion. Sample everything from pork tacos to ice cream sandwiches, accompanied by local beer, Willamette Valley wine and creative cocktails. This tour is limited to 14 people, ensuring a small-group experience. Your food tour of North Mississippi Avenue begins at Mee Sen Thai Eatery, where you'll meet your guide and enjoy your first tasting of the day, a yummy Thai dish such as sai oua sausages and glass-noodle salad, accompanied by homemade blueberry soda or a locally brewed beer. Tastings are plentiful, so bring your appetite!

    From there, continue your walking tour with your guide, stopping at some of Portland's most popular food joints, all concentrated within a few blocks of North Mississippi Avenue. Exact itineraries vary slightly each day, but all tours are likely to include Mississippi Marketplace, where food carts and trucks gather, and The Meadow, a delightful shop dedicated to salt, chocolate and bitters, an unusual yet delicious combination.

    In between stops, pass by shops and other sites that add to the neighborhood's eclectic character, such as one of Portland's famous Benson Bubbler water fountains and a light bulb shop where an episode of Portlandia was filmed.

    Your tour ends at Ruby Jewel Scoops, where you can enjoy two of their most popular ice cream sandwiches. The total walking distance on this tour is 1 mile (1.6 km) and takes place on flat terrain.

    After your tour, stick around to check out more of what Mississippi Avenue has to offer -- you can make a whole evening of it! Browse the independent boutiques, enjoy a local beer or cocktail at one of the many bars, and perhaps even catch a show at Mississippi Studios, a favorite local music venue.

    Sample food tastings:
    • Mee Sen Thai Eatery: Yum Woon Sen glass-noodle salad and homemade sai oui sausage; homemade blueberry soda or locally brewed ale
    • Sidecar 11: Handcrafted mini cocktails and h'ors d'oeuvres plate with roasted hazelnuts and bruschetta
    • Gabagool: Italian style piadine (flatbread sandwiches) stuffed with cart-made mozzarella & local charcuterie
    • Ruby Jewel Scoops: Handmade chocolate-chip cookie, salted-caramel ice cream sandwiches, lemon cookie and lavender-honey ice cream sandwiches
    Mississippi Avenue Food Tour

    3924 N Mississippi Ave, Portland

    • Explore the taste sensations that await you on North Mississippi Avenue during this walking food tour
    • Get to know one of Portland's trendiest neighborhoods and learn about its hip food scene from your knowledgeable local guide
    • Savor bites of goat cheese burgers, artisan cheese, spicy sausage, and ice cream
    • Enjoy tastings of some locally brewed beer and delicious handcrafted cocktails
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    Sail, Wine and Dine Cruise

    There's nothing this package doesn't cover for a special night out, regardless of the occasion! Enjoy the amazing views as you sail up river past the exclusive Waverly Country Club, the Palatine Castle, and the volcanic caldera near Elk Rock Island. Afterwards, walk around the volcanic caldera and enjoy a fine wine with appetizers at Wine 30. Pretty romantic and impressive, right? Afterwards, sail back down the river and feel the glow in your face (and your stomach) from all that delicious wine. What more could you ask for?
    Sail, Wine and Dine Cruise

    800 SW Idaho St, Portland

    • Embark on a stunning sail up river past the exclusive Waverly Country Club, the Palatine Castle, and the spectacular volcanic caldera near Elk Rock Island
    • Explore the dining and drinking treasures found at the one and only Wine 30
    • Enjoy a starlit sail back after dinner
    • Experience a night that will fulfill your stomach and the rest of your senses
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    Artisanal Donuts & Specialty Coffee

    Donuts and coffee- a classic pairing. But maybe your palate's a bit more sophisticated than others. Well this is your lucky day! On this tour, you'll pair some of the city's most delicious artisanal donuts with some of its most expertly crafted specialty coffees. Along with visiting various trendsetting establishments in the Northwest neighborhood, your guide will also offer insights into Portland's pioneering role in the Third Wave Coffee Movement, which refers to the current international trend in producing high quality, artisanal roasts. You'll enjoy espresso that is painstakingly made, and learn about the brewing methods it. And the donuts. So many ... delicious ... donuts.
    Artisanal Donuts & Specialty Coffee

    Downtown Portland, Portland

    • Embark on a walking tour of Portland while enjoying some of the city's best coffee and donuts
    • Learn about the current trend in producing artisanal coffee and sample high-end espresso
    • Chow down on gourmet donuts that pair perfectly with some of the roasts you'll be trying
    • Enjoy a caffeine-and-sugar-fueled exploration that will alter your perception of this classic combo
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