Lyrical Jazz

Dance With Joy Studios
What to expect
  • Learn the fundamental techniques of jazz such as basic turns and combinations
  • Add a variety of different skills to your dance repertoire as you stretch and improve your footwork
  • Grow as a dancer by expanding your balancing capabilities and your ability to master movements and routines
  • Skills of all levels are welcome
What does "jazz" mean to you? If you said "stuffy elevator music," get OUT!

Jazz is actually more of a term for knowing all of the rules so that you can break them.

So jazz dance (commonly simply referred to in the dance world as "jazz") is a style of dance that combines ballet, tap, African, modern dance, and hip-hop, and can be performed to almost any type of music.

The versatility of this dance style allows room for creativity and personal expression. In a jazz dance class at Dance With Joy Studios, you'll learn basic jazz technique, and develop fun, feel-good choreography to apply to a wide variety of music! So you'll learn all of the styles, and apply them when and wherever you want.

But please, no dancing in the elevator -- it's already pretty cramped in there!
Key Highlights
Price $15.00 per guest
Duration / Session 1 hour
# Sessions 1
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