Sherlock's Secret Escape Room

What to expect
  • Immerse yourself in an interactive adventure based on Sherlock Holmes
  • See how far your observational and critical-thinking skills will take you
  • Work with your fellow game-players to make your escape before the time is up
  • Spark your imagination with a nail-biting escape from reality
The game is afoot! Can you lend a hand?

Sherlock Holmes has gone poof, and things could not be mor(iarty) dire! Assist the venerable Dr. Watson himself; put your powers of deduction to work! Scour the library of the world's greatest sleuth for clues, and solve a series of diabolical puzzles. But don't spend too much time building up the suspense, you've only got sixty minutes to unravel the kaper!

Elementary? We think not! Assemble your smartest friends, or team up with savvy strangers. With a success rate of much less than 50 percent, you're going to need all the help you can get!

Note: There is a maximum reservation of 8 people. Kids under the age of 14 are not eligible to play unless the entire room is booked. All kids under the age of 18, will need to have a Minor Waiver signed as well.
Key Highlights
Price $32.00 per guest
Duration / Session 1 hour
# Sessions 1
Rating 35 positive reviews
All sales are final; there is no refunds.

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