Kickboxing No longer a fit 9/18/18

What to expect
  • Learn the basics of one of the world's most popular combat sports and workout regimes during a girls-only class
  • Master potent strikes, and develop reaction time and strategic hand-to-hand combat thinking
  • Take your fitness level to new heights up-tempo drills in a high-energy martial arts studio
  • Enjoy discovering a new workout that will push you to your limits and develop your confidence
Tap into your feminine side. Learn to kick people in the head.

This girls-only kickboxing class offers an encouraging environment to explore one of the world's most popular martial arts. Kickboxing offers both self-defense study, and competitive opportunities for those who'd like to test their skills against other fighters.

You'll learn the basic punches and kicks under the guidance of an experienced martial artist while practicing in drills, partner exercises, and controlled sparring.

Plus, kickboxing will provide a powerful compliment to your fitness routine, with a fast-moving routine that will strengthen your core muscles, increase your flexibility, and tone your body.

And kicking people in the head.

Note: Class is intended for women.
Key Highlights
Price Free!
Duration / Session 1 hour
# Sessions 1
This is a free trial class for first time attendees only. As a courtesy to fellow participants, please provide at least 24 hour cancellation notice.

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