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    DIY Printed Fabric or Paper

    Everyone knows how to, although not always well, paint, doodle, scribble, sketch, fingerpaint, color inside the lines, play pictionary, and use highlighters. How about trying a new type of art, one that combines these simple techniques with textile design? This artsy class from Make invites you to create your own fabric or paper by hand, using only simple materials purchased at the local art shop. You will learn basic textile design, from creating a pattern to combining colors, by focusing only on techniques that you can use at home without special equipment. So combine those creative itches and scratch ‘em by creating a unique piece of fabric all with your own two hands.
    DIY Printed Fabric or Paper

    256 3rd Ave, Brooklyn

    • Learn basic textile design, including creating a repeating pattern to combining colors
    • Focus on techniques that you can use at home without any special equipment
    • Create your own unique piece of fabric or paper by hand
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