Krav Maga

What to expect
  • Discover a powerful self-defense style that effectively fuses elements from several martial arts styles
  • Develop strong skills in counter-attacks, reaction time, and strategic hand-to-hand combat mentality
  • Get a great cardiovascular workout that will also help you build muscle and body tone
  • Expose yourself to a form of movement that will push you to your limits in a confidence-building way
Krav Maga puts the "mix" in mixed martial arts...and brings it to the real world!

This stunning style of self-defense blends several martial arts together and features a real-world emphasis that will take your training up a serious notch!

During this beginner-level course, you'll gain a grasp on fundamental elements pulled from martial arts such as aikido, boxing, judo, and wrestling.

You'll also enjoy learning in an energetic, supportive studio that merges fitness and martial arts training into one effective workout. With this class, you'll build technique, speed, and power all at the same time.

You'll also work heavily on situational drills, so that you build the skills and instincts to handle yourself effectively if you ever find yourself in a similar situation in real life.

Talk about a workout with solid benefits!
Key Highlights
Price $79.00 per guest
Duration / Session 1 hour
# Sessions 1
There are no refunds; all sales are final.

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