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— Salsa
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    Intro to Salsa Dancing

    Salsa evolved as a combination of many styles including Son Montuno, Cha cha, and Mambo, and it even includes elements of Swing dancing, Hustle, and certain Afro-Cuban/Caribbean dances. Characterized by Puerto Rican and Cuban beats, this fast paced, rhythmic music is sure to get your hips moving. In this class you will learn the fundamentals of Salsa dancing including basic steps, turns, proper posture, and leading/following. You'll be versed in musicality and creating a strong connection with your partner. Gain confidence on the dance floor as you improve your coordination, flexibility, and stamina with a side of Latin flair.
    Intro to Salsa Dancing

    12 Marmion St, Boston

    • Learn the fundamentals of Salsa dancing under the guidance of a skilled instructor
    • Practice important dance elements such as lead/follow, steps, turns, and posture
    • Understand important concepts like musicality and partner connection
    • Gain confidence on and off the dance floor as you get your heart pumping, improve coordination, and have a great time
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    Adult Latin Club Beginners (Brighton)

    Does your repertoire of dance moves need a little more spice and heat? This introductory dance class covers a variety of Latin-inspired dances and will give you the fiery feel you've been looking for on the dance floor. Learn such styles and dance variations as Salsa and Merengue for an added knowledge of exciting and exotic dance movements. Move your body to the music while exercising the muscles needed to make even the most complicated dances seem simple. Gain the advantages of professional instruction and enjoy a workout that's both fun and fulfilling. This class is great for expanding your dance moves, but also for helping you get into great shape!
    Adult Latin Club Beginners (Brighton)

    323 Washington St, Brighton

    • Take a beginner dance class that mixes various Latin dance styles
    • Align your body to the music and learn basic movements
    • Tone your legs and arms and get your body into great shape with this physical and energetic class
    • Gain the advantages of professional instruction
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