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    A Taste of Salsa

    Swing ended decades ago. Salsa is the latest club sensation, captivating club goers with its sensual movements and pure Latin passion. So why do you insist on standing in the corner? This class is perfect for beginners, and you’ll learn all the essentials of salsa: how to connect each intricate maneuver, leading/following, turn combinations, rock steps, and even tap steps. Feel the rhythm. Let the Latin passion take over your body, and become the center of attention, and affection, at the club.
    A Taste of Salsa

    1335 W Lake St, Chicago

    • Learn salsa fundamentals like the steps, lead/follow, turn combinations, rock step, tap step/4x4 timing
    • Receive personal instruction in a fun and intimate environment
    • Discover the Latin passion in this welcoming beginner’s class
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