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— Salsa
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    Master the smooth, sexy moves of salsa in a fun, supportive group setting. Led by your expert instructor, you will learn the fundamental rhythms and footwork that make up a fiery salsa, not to mention spins, arm movements, and even dips to give your dance that extra flair. As you dance, you will get comfortable interpreting music into movement, all while gaining incredible stamina and strength -- especially in your legs and core. But you'll be having so much fun twisting and shimmying your way across the dancefloor, you may not even notice the great workout you're getting.

    1405 SW , Miami

    • Discover the sexy, exciting world of salsa dancing
    • Learn fundamental rhythms and footwork from your expert instructor
    • Spice up your routine with spins and dips in a group setting
    • Gain incredible strength, stamina, and confidence
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    Beginners Salsa I

    Ready to turn up the heat on your next night out? This is a hot place to start. No experience is necessary for this beginner level Salsa class where you'll be walked through the foundations every dancer needs to know to start moving and grooving like a pro. Learn about musicality, rhythm, and connection as you practice importance dance elements such as lead/follow, steps, turns, and posture. It's time to polish off your dancing shoes and learn to glide around the dance floor with a little Latin flair!
    Beginners Salsa I

    10370 W Flagler St, Miami

    • Learn the fundamentals of Salsa dancing under the guidance of a talented instructor
    • Understand concepts like musicality, rhythm, and connection
    • Practice important dance elements such as lead/follow, steps, turns, and posture
    • Get in a great workout, get your heart pumping, and improve coordination and flexibility
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    Salsa by Night at Mpower Project Gym

    Living in Miami and not knowing salsa is like going to prom in a bathing suit. It leaves you feeling a little out of place and underprepared. If you're still on the outside of Miami's deep Latin culture because you don't know salsa, this class will help fix that. You'll learn all the fundamentals of one of world's hottest dances. In the process, you'll get a great workout that's so fun you probably won't even realize you're breaking a sweat. You'll also get to meet and socialize with new people who are also interested in joining this fun dance scene, making new friends you can hit up Miami's Latin club's with when you're finished.
    Salsa by Night at Mpower Project Gym

    9301 NE 6 Ave, Miami Shores

    • Learn the fundamentals of one of Latin dance's most popular forms in a welcoming, social environment
    • Practice various steps, turns, passes, and combinations as you perfect your ability to lead/follow
    • Enjoy a great exercise that will strengthen and tone your body
    • Gain confidence in your dancing abilities and acquire skills you can use at any event
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