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    Beginner Cuban Salsa

    It's amazing how many people forget that there are inspiring and engaging ways to get in a good workout! This calorie-burning dance class will have you energized and craving a Round 2! In this class, you'll work alongside like-minded students and a talented instructor, Alvaro, to learn the basic footwork, style, and musicality of Salsa. You'll develop a strong foundation so that your transition to more complex turns and patterns will seem effortless! And, of course, you'll learn the role requirements of the leader and the follower. Slip on your heels or jazz shoes -- whichever you’re more comfortable strutting your stuff in!
    Beginner Cuban Salsa

    3316 24th St, San Francisco

    • Change up your workout regimen with an upbeat class on Cuban Salsa
    • Learn the basic footwork, style, and musicality of Salsa before moving onto complicated moves
    • Participate in this exhilarating style, characterized as a combination of Rumba and Son
    • Experience a culturally-enriching and personally rewarding artistic adventure
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