Einstein's Office Time Portal Escape

What to expect
  • Use your wits to solve the puzzle and escape Einstein's office in an alternate reality
  • Work with teammates to uncover clues and solve the puzzle
  • Put your nerves, problem-solving, and composure to the test
  • Step out of the ordinary and into another dimension
Are you a quantum physics buff? Can't get enough of the theory of relativity? Or maybe you're just relatively bored?

It might be time for you to consider traveling into another dimension. Sounds exciting, right?

You and your fellow travelers will find yourself trapped in the office of Albert Einstein, where nothing is quite as it seems and only your wits can get you back out.

Will you band together? Or go it alone? The actions of you and your fellow captives will determine whether or not you escape within the 90-minute window, before the interdimensional wormhole closes. Don't be E=mc-scared.

Worst case scenario--you get stuck in a mysterious alternate dimension forever. No big deal.
Key Highlights
Price $29.00 per guest
Duration / Session 90 min
# Sessions 1
Rating 1 positive reviews
No refund will be provided in case of booking cancellation or no-show. Reschedules, for any reason, must be made 2 day before your scheduled appointment.

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