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    Photography 101: Introduction to Photography

    Do you find yourself disappointed when the photographs you take don't come out quite as you imagined? Maybe you just want to be able to do more interesting things with your photographs and aren't exactly sure where to start? Photography 101 is the introductory class that combines the basics of composition, lighting, and perspective so you can become a better photographer. You will learn valuable techniques and tricks like getting away from the "tourist position," rule of thirds, leading lines, symmetry & repetition, zooming in and filling the frame, shallow depth of field and creating that blurred background effect, and much more! After this class, you'll finally be able to capture the images you want quickly and accurately. This is your chance to let your inner Ansel Adams come alive!
    Photography 101: Introduction to Photography

    7960 Silverton Ave , San Diego

    • Learn how to better compose your photos and use your camera
    • Explore techniques for achieving proper lighting, exciting compositions, and interesting perspective
    • Gain a better understanding of using natural and artificial light sources to bring your photos to life
    • Capture images faster and better while having fun
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