Wine Tasting Wednesday

What to expect
  • Taste and learn about wines from around the globe at this world-class vineyard
  • Ask a professional: get the facts from an onsite sommelier and certified wine specialist
  • Mingle with other wine enthusiasts while enjoying J. Lohr's delicious offerings
  • Get a first hand look at one of the most famous vineyards in the world
Did you know there's a French vineyard that only selects grapes that have SEEN the ocean? Or that certain winemakers travel the world chasing perfect seasons and buying up the best crop of the year?

An evening at J. Lohr Wine Wednesday will give you all sorts of fun facts to share with your friends at the next party.

They say your education never really ends, even long after you've stopped going to school. You'll learn a ton in this monthly educational seminar, where you can taste wines from regions all around the world and ask questions of certified wine specialist Lisa Boissier and sommelier Christine Dillon.

Plus, your visit will help the worldwide cause of spreading wine awareness - maybe you can even stop those silly folks who say they're drinking Champagne even though the drink's from a place not called Champagne!
Key Highlights
Price $25.00 per guest
Duration / Session 2 hours
# Sessions 1
There are no refunds; all sales are final.

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