Ancient Egypt

What to expect
  • You and your brave team of cryptographers have been trapped in King Tut's Tomb and you must escape or be entombed for eternity
  • Use your keen eye and sharp wit to locate the clues and solve all the riddles
  • Work with your fellow explorers to escape in 50 minutes or spend the rest of your lives wandering the labyrinth
  • Immerse yourself in a tactile adventure that will leave you wanting more
You were both honored and excited when your archeology professor, Dr. Stanley, asked you to join him on his Egyptian expedition.

However, upon your arrival to Egypt, after a very exhausting trip, you are informed that Professor Stanley has been missing for days. You gather that he had planned a dig at King Tut's tomb right before he disappeared. You noticed that the same day he went missing is the date stamped on your invitation. Could this be more than a coincidence?

You and other crew members decided to go looking for Professor Stanley. Upon entry of King Tut's tomb, the stone door suddenly collapses behind you. You're all trapped!

The walls of the Tomb seem to shift about you and shadows form sinister faces in your torchlight before melting back into the sands. Will you be able to find the mystical hidden passage and lead your team out? Or will you meet your demise wandering until death within the chambers?

Note: The room requires a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 8 players.
Key Highlights
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Duration / Session 50 min
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