Dream Traveler

What to expect
  • "Incept" paternal love and forgiveness to the dreams of an estranged son in order to clear your name before your 50 minutes runs out
  • Use your keen eye and sharp wit to locate the clues and solve all the riddles
  • Work with your extractors to perform the inception before your patient "kicks" and wakes up
  • Immerse yourself in a tactile adventure that will leave you wanting more
You've been called a dream-stealer, Orpheus' bastard and some will go so far as to call you a witch. But you prefer the term 'extractor'.

And you are a damned good one. That being said, you are a private contractor and so you have done some jobs that are, well, less than legal in the eyes of the US Government. In fact, you have not been state-side in over six years. You thought you might never go back at all. Until --

A prominent lawyer, Arthur approached you with a proposition: You perform an "inception" on his son. Plant the seeds to mend their broken relationship and he will make all of your misdeeds go away. You make it happen, you are no longer a dream stealer in the eyes of the US and you can finally go home -- you've been dying for a good burger since you left

The kid was at a concert and now you have him backstage out cold. Plant the seed that will reunite with his father in 50 minutes before his "kick" is injected and he wakes. If you fail, who knows what will happen -- Arthur does not seem like the type to forget or forgive.

Note: The room requires a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 8 players.
Key Highlights
Price $27.00 per guest
Duration / Session 50 min
# Sessions 1
All sales are final; there are no refunds.

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