Mission 3: Enter the Machine

What to expect
  • Become a ninja during an immersive escape-room game
  • Use your wits to thwart an alien threat
  • Bring your friends to help you beat the clock
  • Engage your mind during a thrilling escape from reality
The diabolical shadow organization known as "Kraken" is up to its old shenanigans. This time around, Kraken has gone and ripped a hole in space-time itself. Their goal? Pull giant, tentacled monstrosities with an appetite for people into our reality.

There's only one cure for crazy, and it's called "ninja."

Assemble 4-8 of your most ninja-like friends, and get ready to somersault into action. During this escape-room game you'll need to put your collective wits to work and deactivate Kraken's interdimensional monster-manifesting machine before you're squid chow-- and you only have 60 minutes to do it!

No pressure.

Note: Recommended for groups of 4-8 players.
Key Highlights
Price $28.00 per guest
Duration / Session 1 hour
# Sessions 1
Rating 29 positive reviews
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