Diamonds & Gold: Architecture History Tour

What to expect
  • Travel back in time by touring the skyscraper architecture of the 1920s
  • Learn about the intricate and beautiful designs that make art deco
  • Enrich yourself with this tour that is both historically and culturally enhancing
  • Discover the beauty of Seattle like you've never seen it before
Finally -- a tour that caters to both the history buffs and the architecture nerds out there.

Take a step into the Roaring 20's and explore the architectural wonders of post-WWI Seattle. You'll discover the intricate details and beauty that make up art deco and how it adorned Seattle's skyscrapers. Explore the French influence of these designs and bask in the beautiful lobbies and buildings that are so artistically inspiring.

Get lost in the spirit of the art and in the stories of post-WWI Seattle -- you'll find yourself wondering, "Wait, what year is this, again?"

Hint: You're in the 21st century.

Note: Please wear comfortable walking shoes.
Key Highlights
Price $18.00 per guest
Duration / Session 2 hours
# Sessions 1
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