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    Laser Tag Team Vs Team (Mon - Wed)

    If you've ever thought about playing a game of laser tag in the streets of Seattle, you should keep reading. Virtual Sports has a real treat for you -- these guys have bettered every aspect of the traditional laser battle: 1. Lifelike Guns. All weapons used are the actual weight and action of real equipment used by the military. So get ready to Lock-and-load! 2. Immersive Fields made to look like the actual streets of Seattle. 3. Objective-based game play -- because let's be honest, in a real combat situation, you don't just go HAM - you go HAM on a mission. 4. Multi-metric scoring for exact, easy to read statistics. And last, but not least, 5. Theatrical lighting and sound, because duh. Um... can we play, too?
    Laser Tag Team Vs Team (Mon - Wed)

    17600 W Valley Hwy, Tukwila

    • Get ready for the most realistic laser venture of your life!
    • Use weapons that are made to match the weight and shape of actual military guns
    • Survive, and awake to a newfound appreciation for life and its mysteries
    • Take a whole crew and play against each other in this fantastic interactive experience
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