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    Beginner Sewing: Skirt

    By popular demand, this beginner sewing machine is back! This is the perfect workshop for all you super busy people who've always wanted to learn to sew, but just can't find the time for a long class. Or, for those who are brand new to sewing on a machine. Or, for those who just need a confidence-building, hand-holding refresher. It's also a great stepping-stone for any other sewing class. This project-based, one-time four-hour beginner sewing class teaches you sewing basics and will have you threading a machine, loading a bobbin and sewing straight or curved seams, in no time. You'll receive careful explanations and step-by-step instructions to assemble your project. And in four short hours later... you'll walk out the door with a skirt made by you, in a day (1/2 a day, really!) Skills and techniques covered during this class include:
    • Sewing-machine basics
    • Tools and terminology
    • Stitches: Regular stitch, zigzag stitch, back stitch, topstitch
    • Creating a tunnel
    • Inserting an elastic or drawstring
    • Hand and machine hemming techniques
    Beginner Sewing: Skirt

    38 West 32nd St, New York

    • Practice the sewing basics, threading a machine, loading a bobbin, and sewing straight or curved seams
    • Receive careful instructions to assemble your skirt
    • Learn sewing tools and terminology, creating a tunnel, inserting an elastic or drawstring, and hand machine/hemming techniquesLearn sewing tools and terminology, creating a tunnel, inserting an elastic or drawstring, and hand machine/hemming techniques
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    Intro to Embroidery

    Wardrobe need a little umph? Or maybe, you’re getting tired of trying to find your coat at the bottom of the jacket pile at a party? With this simple introductory embroidery class, you will be taught how to customize your wardrobe with original pieces of stitched art. You will begin by learning how to master a few basic stitches, including chain stitch, running stitch, and cross stitch. You'll also learn some tricks to master embroidery and highlight those faded jeans and tees!
    Intro to Embroidery

    256 3rd Ave, Brooklyn

    • Learn the essential techniques of embroidery
    • Master different stitches, including chain, cross and running stitches
    • Create a unique design and embroider it on a piece of clothing in need of a wardrobe change
    • No experience necessary
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