If You're Going to San Francisco... Check This Flower-Themed List of Fun Spring Classes!

January 18, 2020

You don't refer to yourself as an artist -- that would be pretentious. But you can safely say that it’s true; artists do view the world differently. However, sometimes the ‘artistic lens’ can be downright depressing.

So -- in the spirit of spring and in the spirit of San Francisco (the song and the city), ditch your dreary perspective, start looking at the world through rose-colored glasses, and make some art to match. Plus, with those sweet new spectacles and a pair of bell bottoms, you could bring the sixties back in a big way.

There’s nothing quite like San Francisco in the spring to shake you out of your funk and thaw those creative juices. These classes will make sure that your artistic talents blossom along with the flowers.

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