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    Beach Blanket Babylon Show Ticket

    Be part of an iconic San Francisco tradition at Beach Blanket Babylon, a unique, dazzling cabaret spectacle in the heart of the North Beach district. Full of gaudy costumes, hilarious satires, outrageous musical performances and plays on pop culture, this high-energy show mixes the story of Snow White with characters including American political figures, the British Royal Family, TV icons, pop stars and even the San Francisco Giants. This constantly changing show has been dazzling audiences since 1974, making it one of America's longest-running musical revues!
    At your selected show time, head to Club Fugazi in North Beach, San Francisco's entertainment district. The venue, built in 1913, exudes a unique charm and elegance with its ornate detailing and colonnades, and the intimate two-tiered theater has a distinctly burlesque feel.

    Follow the story of Snow White as she takes a fast-paced journey around the world in search of her Prince Charming. Along the way, she encounters a star-studded, ever-changing lineup of hilarious pop-culture characters, including President Barack Obama, the British Royal Family, Honey Boo Boo, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Gangnam Style, Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jackson, the stars from 50 Shades of Grey and the San Francisco Giants.

    This high-energy cabaret spectacle is dotted with hilarious satire, outrageous renditions of popular songs, gaudy costumes and oversized, ostentatious headpieces. The San Francisco Chronicle gives Beach Blanket Babylon its highest rating and calls it "the real San Francisco treat!"
    Beach Blanket Babylon Show Ticket

    678 Beach Blanket Babylon Blvd, San Francisco

    • Witness the iconic Beach Blanket Babylon show, an utterly unique cabaret spectacle
    • Marvel at gaudy costumes, hilarious satires, and outrageous musical performances
    • Experience the story of Snow White remixed to include political and pop culture icons
    • Be dazzled by one of America's longest-running musical revue
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    Enticing Burlesque Entertainment

    This burlesque show is way beyond your run of the mill strip tease. The queer-friendly, misogyny-free cast of cabaret performers wholeheartedly embrace empowering acts that put bodies of all genders, shapes, and sizes front and center for a night of acts that are sexy, sultry, and well, ferociously seductive. You'll be wowed by entertaining and exciting skits, songs and dances. From pin curled femmes to a royal court of drag queens and kings, you’re guaranteed an in your face night of fabulous entertainment. And just in case you were worried, there will still be plenty of pasties. Classics never go out of style, after all.
    Enticing Burlesque Entertainment

    2120 Broadway, Oakland

    • Get ready for an exhilarating night of seductive and empowering burlesque and cabaret
    • Be wowed by stripteases, skits, and dances by amazing performers of all genders, shapes, and sizes
    • Experience a radical night of titillating excitement and ferocious sex appeal
    • Enjoy a modern reimagining of the classic art of burlesque
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