Tandem Paragliding Flight

What to expect
  • Let the wind lift you up in the sky as you embark on this tandem paragliding flight
  • Enjoy the scenic views of the Pacific Ocean, the Channel Islands, and The Santa Barbara Mountains, as you glide through the skies
  • Experience an exhilirating two rounds with each flight taking about 30-45 seconds
  • Get your much needed adrenaline rush as you feel like a bird in the sky
Birds have a great life. They can just use their wings to go places without having to book a flight, sit on cramped airplanes and be forced to fight for the armrest. Wouldn't it be nice to spread your wings and fly wherever your heart desires!

Unfortunately you're not a bird, so going paragliding is about as close as you'll get.

Buckle up with your instructor on this tandem paragliding flight and embark on a beautiful ride through the skies. You'll look out at the Pacific Ocean, the Channel Islands, and the Santa Barbara Mountains. You will be safely buckled in your own harness in a canopy designed for two, with your instructor sitting in the back so you'll get to enjoy the stunning views.

Once you've listened to the instructions, you'll wait for the perfect breeze on top of Training Hill and prepare to spread your wings. When the wind is right, you and your instructor will start running to create energy as the wing comes overhead into flying position. Run until the wind catches you and lifts you high up in the skies! The flight lasts about 30-45 seconds and you'll have two rounds. Tandem flight can be enjoyed by anyone under 260 pounds.

This will be the closest you'll get to being a bird. But unlike birds, that have feathers to warm them up, you're still only a human -- you might want to wear layers.

Note: Tandem flight can be enjoyed by anyone under 260 pounds of any age with no prior experience necessary. Minors need to be accompanied by an adult.
Key Highlights
Price $137.50 per guest
Duration / Session 1 hour
# Sessions 1
Rating 12 positive reviews
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