Wayback Wednesday Improv Show

Endgames Improv Training Center - ETC South
What to expect
  • Enjoy a unique improv performance that uses audience photos to launch whimsical scenes
  • Witness the hilarious synergy of the Chivalry Club as they riff off one another with fluid ease
  • Laugh out loud during a comedy show that proves that life is best not taken seriously
Looking to live dangerously? This unique improv experience uses audience-submitted photographs to create scenes of raucous hilarity. Photographs are selected randomly throughout the show, and then mercilessly ridiculed. Fun, right?

Wayback Wednesday's comedy team, the somewhat ironically named Chivalry Club, feeds off each other's humorous tangents with impeccable timing. This will leave you laughing out loud as bizarre scenes of breathtaking wit unfold so seamlessly on stage that you'll swear they'd been rehearsed beforehand. This show lives by the mantra that a picture is worth a thousand words. "Duh" is a word, right?

Note: Photos to be randomly selected for performance should be emailed in advance to wbw@endgamesimprov.com.
Key Highlights
Price $5.00 per guest
Duration / Session 90 min
# Sessions 1
Rating 1 positive reviews
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