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    In-Store Wine Tasting

    Getting a taste of what Golden Gate Wine Cellars has in-store? Sounds grape! Spend the afternoon sipping on vino at Golden Gate Wine Cellars while learning to assess wine like a true connoisseur! You'll learn all of the characteristics to look for when tasting a wine -- like flavor, aroma, and body. Before you know it your palate will be cultured you'll be dropping terms like earthy, sweet, fruity, and floral, into casual conversation. You'll become a wine pro in no time as you sip, slurp, and sniff your way to the luxurious world of wine. Cheers!
    In-Store Wine Tasting

    2337 Ocean Ave, San Francisco

    • Delve into a world of decadence during an instructional wine tasting where you will indulge in the (unofficial) nectar of the gods
    • Ascertain the differences in flavor, scent, and body while sipping the best wine Golden Gate Wine Cellars has to offer
    • Impress your friends with your newfound knowledge of the world of wines -- and make use of it for your next dinner party
    • Taste a delicious variety of wines, and perhaps find your new favorite!
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