Urban and Contemporary Dance

What to expect
  • Learn urban and contemporary moves and combos during a high-energy dance class
  • Master stylish choreography while working out in a professional dance studio
  • Develop your strength, flexibility, and motor control
  • Build your confidence as a dancer by developing your technique and repertoire
Going for grace, power, and avant garde, but winding up with one-legged rabbit? We feel you. Get your dance career hopping with some urban and contemporary studio instruction!

Kick things off with a warmup that transitions into technique, balance, and isolations. Learn various fundamental aspects of musicality at the same time. Then, take your place on the dance floor and dive into electrifying choreography comprised of hip, contemporary moves and combos.

In addition to building your dance acumen, you'll tone your body, and develop your flexibility and motor control. You'll also discover a professional, supportive dance studio to call home, and maybe make some new dancer friends!

Break a leg!
Key Highlights
Price $16.00 per guest
Duration / Session 55 min
# Sessions 1
All sales final; no refunds

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