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— Shooting & Sword Fighting
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    Lai (Sword Fighting)

    What in the world is Iai? Picture yourself whooping butt with a Samurai Sword and you've got it. Iaido is the way of the warrior, using traditional sword techniques of the samurais who ruled Japan during the Tokugawa Period. Essentially, Iaido is to draw the sword, defeat your opponent, and re-sheathe the sword. This practice retains Japanese tradition and is a safe means of learning sword techniques. In this class, you'll practice these techniques, which are meant to help attain a meditative mindfulness and achieve aesthetic expression. All the while, you will retain the sword's deadly practicality.
    Lai (Sword Fighting)

    9865 Businesspark Ave, San Diego

    • Learn basic sword techniques such as gripping, breathing, cutting, and positioning
    • Practice fundamentals through exciting choreography in one-on-one or one-versus-many situations
    • No experience necessary
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    Archery Basics

    Have you ever noticed that when Katniss Everdeen picks up that bow and arrow, there's just something about her that looks, well, awesome? While The Hunger Games (fortunately) don't exist, you can get your opportunity to look just as cool as Katniss by trying out the fun sport of archery in this basic class. This course is taught by the company's very own archery pros who will help you choose your very own equipment to find what best suits you. The 7,500 square foot facility is big enough to hold its own Hunger Games (don't tell The Capitol that, please). Come join fellow curious students in these informative and entertaining sessions. With enough practice, soon you could give Katniss a run for her money!
    Archery Basics

    8665 Miralani Dr, San Diego

    • Learn essential archery skills that can help you in both competition and survival situations
    • Fulfill your desires of taking on a new, fun sport while simultaneously greatly increasing your likelihood of wilderness survival
    • Expand your athletic horizons with this amusing and invigorating sport
    • Meet new friends in a warm and welcoming environment
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