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    Rooftop Lounge Experience

    Check out the view from the top with an exciting night out at New York's coolest rooftop bars and lounges. You'll hang out at three exclusive locations, like Skyroom, Monarch, PHD, or 230 Fifth. Throughout the night, enjoy three perfectly balanced complimentary drinks of your choice and a delicious appetizer. Rub elbows and clink glasses with native New Yorkers and world travelers alike, and get ready for a ritzy night on and above the town that you won't soon forget.
    Rooftop Lounge Experience

    Midtown, New York

    • Hang out at 3 of New York's best rooftop bars and lounges
    • Take in the NYC skyline at bars such as Skyroom, Monarch, PHD, and 230 Fifth
    • Enjoy 3 complimentary drinks and an appetizer
    • Meet real New Yorkers, and mingle with people from all over the world
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    Daq Shaq Distillery Tour

    Come experience good old-fashioned American spirits the way they were meant to be! Due to strict regulations following Prohibition, American spirits have become solely the domain of humongous, multinational corporations; the small craft distillery has all but disappeared. But wait! The Noble Experiment NYC is here to return distilling to its roots! Three cheers for the little guy! Join an educational and delicious tour of the distillery, in which you'll be able to sample small-batch hand rum while learning about the distillery process. Noble Experiment uses all-natural ingredients, including the finest organic molasses. Once you try this stuff, you'll never want to go back to the big label spirits! Come out and drink in style.
    Daq Shaq Distillery Tour

    23 Meadow St, Brooklyn

    • Take a tour through a unique distillery that specializes in small-batch handcrafted rum and features all-natural ingredients
    • See the inner-working of an old-school distillery, producing liquor the way it was meant to be
    • Take some time to relax and enjoy spirits made from some of the finest ingredients
    • Purchase some bottles of rum to commemorate your experience
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